About Us

Celebrating 25 years

Why is our name Eternally Fit for Life?  We believe our Creator designed us to live life to the full.  To us this means helping our bodies to perform better through the use of natural products.  For over 25 years Progestacreme Plus has been a great source of that help for thousands of women on their journey toward complete wholeness.

More products coming...

Right now, our focus is solely on Progestacreme Plus. However, we are always evaluating other products that could have a positive impact on helping women live full lives with better health. We will be adding some of those products in the future. 

Our Mission

Our company’s goal is to help all women to live healthy and productive lives.  As a company we recognize that there are many women in our world for whom daily life is a hardship.  We honor and respect them as real heroes and our mission is to provide resources so that they too can live life to the full.

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